Transition Sunderland


Transition Sunderland is a new initiative in the Sunderland area. We are a member of the Transition Network.
Please click on this link to visit the main Transition movement website:

Luke, Angela and Clara get hands on planting an apple tree – March 2017

The original idea of Transition is for it to be carried out in smaller communities, i.e. villages, market towns, estates or areas of a city; areas where people know each other by name and see one another regularly, even if only to say hello in passing.

Transition Sunderland is trying a different approach; we wish to act as a central Hub of a Transition Wheel, to reach as many people in the Sunderland area as possible in the hope that they will be inspired to either join our group, or start their own transition related groups.

To help this process we have an email group, where news of Transition type activities can be shared. To join this group simply email the link above, stating the reasons you would like to be added to the group.

As stated we see our group as the hub of a wheel and that the ‘spokes’ represent projects, either our own, or other group’s initiatives aimed at a steering communities towards a sus-tainable future.

Our first project is Hendon Natural Community Garden where we hope to show how areas of land can be used to enhance biodiversity whilst also producing food. Please click this link to see our blog about what is happening in the garden.

For our second project we are supporting the Tree Charter with its work gaining public support for Trees, Woods and People. To find out more about this exciting initiative please click this link to visit our Tree Charter section.

Our commitment to the environment at Transition Sunderland is demonstrated by our using a 'green webserver'.
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