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To keep this blog post short I’m assuming that most of the people reading this will be aware of Extinction Rebellion (ER), if not, here are links to the two primary websites:

Extinction Rebellion  

Rising Up!

To my mind this is the natural process of societies who’s elected leaders – and indeed the democratic system – have failed them. The IPCC was founded in 1988, for 30 years governments have failed to respond adequately to this existential crisis. Quite apart from that it’s estimated that in the last four decades, we’ve lost more than 50 percent of the planet’s biodiversity.

16 hours later!

ER proposes to use non-violent direct action to take part in both low level and higher level risk acts of civil disobedience – to the point of some people actually being arrested.

I know that some people are dubious about the potential of success of ER. My response to that is that they have already succeeded up to a point, by inspiring so many others to take part and will continue to inspire more with our help. I believe this is a part of a long-term process of global society coming to terms with the realisation that we have come to the end of one story, and are currently between stories. For those who think that this is simply a story made-up and perhaps embellished by others, that it is not a true story.

What is truth other than information which a culture decides accept? What inspires me is thinking of what kind of world would emerge if we chose to live out this story?

As we saw with Chris Packham’s initiative Manifesto For Wildlife different elements of society are realising that globally we must change direction if humanity and indeed Life itself is to once again thrive on this planet. One other element of society looking to change the story is Compass Online in particular The Common Platform, and of course The Green Party has known this longer than most groups.

Because of various commitments I don’t see myself risking arrest at this time, my interest is in low level risk, and indeed positive acts of ReGeneration. For those who are not aware ReGeneration is the meme that is in the process of taking on the mantle that ‘sustainability’ has held for so long that it has been watered-down so much to have become meaningless.

For those interested in more information Daniel Christian Wahl (Medium profile) is one of the leading protagonists in this field of ReGeneration, his Facebook Page is Regenerative Cultures.

4 hours later!

So the way I see my own involvement with this campaign in the near future is to promote & support it as much as I can online, and  also to engage with others in my local area planting trees on public land with, or at times, without permission. Some of these are apple trees intended for future generations, others are willow & elder to support biodiversity and capture carbon, something I believe we should all be taking a much greater interest in.

Additionally I’m engaged in creating small areas wildflower meadows either by sowing seed or growing plants on from seed then planting out. I believe both of these actions could attract more people wishing to engage with the Extinction Rebellion campaign, albeit at the lower risk category.

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