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Hendon Regenerative Culture Garden Adopts Robin Hood’s Mantle

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“What goes around comes around” is a common saying these days. One definition of this is “Consequences will have to be dealt with later” Legend suggests it was the baron’s & noble’s greed which had the consequence of King John being forced by Robin Hood into signing the Magna Carta. Though Robin Hood is in reality a myth; the signing of Magna Carta and one year later the Charter of the Forest, is true. The Charter of the Forest re-established for free men, rights of access to the royal forest that had been eroded by the greed of William the Conqueror and his heirs.

Today in our globalised world, greed has not disappeared, it has been absorbed by and normalised into the System we live in. The consequences of the actions of the System are now apparent, and have to be dealt with today, as tomorrow will be too late. It is in this vein that HRCG has taken-on the mantle of Robin Hood to deliver this message to the public.

The time has come to make a stand. We do not have many more years left to turn the Climate & Ecological Catastrophe around, indeed it is widely believed that we have already left it too late to halt climate chaos, and that we face decades of adaptation to a hotter world in which food & water shortages will be normal.

We live on a planet whose atmosphere is in large-part regulated by a vast biodiversity of life. We have been destroying this life at an unprecedented rate, in effect converting this life-force into money. We cannot eat money. We cannot drink oil.

In recent years science – unfettered by the profit motive – has discovered that which ancient civilisations have long known, life is a regenerative process whereby the waste products of one species are the food of another, that life is conducive to life. While the System slowly comes to the conclusion that many of us understood immediately, summed-up by the adage “it’s impossible to have unlimited growth on a finite planet” it is the responsibility for right-minded people to create Regenerative Cultures.

In keeping with the theme of Robin Hood, who “took from the rich to give to the poor” we offer this gift of locally produced pesticide free apples to Bethany City Church’s Soul Kitchen.

We ask others who understand these facts to be true, to join their local Extinction Rebellion group. #RebelForLife.

2 thoughts on “Hendon Regenerative Culture Garden Adopts Robin Hood’s Mantle

  1. Emma

    There are plum trees and crab apple trees on st Luke’s road and ford quarry. The plums are starting to fall

    1. Allan Rowell


      sorry for my late response.

      There is a growing coalition of groups in Sunderland concerned about what the future holds for our children.
      We hope to expand this coalition, and show how informed constructive efforts can enhance the area, providing fruit trees for the benefit of future generations.

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