Transition Sunderland

What is Transition?

Transition – “The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another”


In this instance we are talking about the era of change we are all living in. Everything changes, it is the nature of the universe and of life; stars come into being and then diminish, living things are born live out their lives then die, mountains are created only to erode to dust. Change is not of itself something to fear, but just as previous generations needed to use up wood from the vast forests which covered much of the world to fuel their civilisations, so too are we in this era using up the oil which fuels our industrial growth society. The difference is that we now know that burning hydrocarbons, oil, coal and gas is causing climate change which if allowed to continue, threatens the existence of all life on this planet. It doesn’t have to be this way, we have the experience of history to show us less energy intensive modes of living, and science, which continues to come up with increasingly efficient methods of creating and saving renewable energy.


Transitioners believe that change will only come about if initiated from a bottom-up approach rather than waiting for a top-down approach which seems increasingly unlikely.  We seek to engage with these problems on a local level, taking greater interest in our present and future energy needs; fostering more awareness of  the world in which we live, giving more thought to how we would like to live; how we believe others less fortunate than ourselves should be allowed to live; whether we couldn’t envisage a better system than the current one.


Transition Sunderland has been formed to bring together local people & organisations who share these views, to collaborate with each other and help create thriving, healthy, caring communities where people’s way of life takes into account the needs of future generations as well as the present ones. Living in a world destined to fight over every last diminishing resource whether it be oil, fresh water or a host of other natural resources, simply to fuel our consumerist society is not a pretty picture. Concerns about social justice, the viability of the current industrial growth society to deliver well-being for all, and climate change are just some of the reasons we need to rise to this challenge. Transition Sunderland believes that rather than burying our heads in the sand, we should see these motivators as opportunities to increase well-being, expand our local economy, take responsibility for the impact we are having on the ecosystem and other people, and find ways of living that are in line with the Earth’s natural systems.


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